The Hut On Hen’s Legs

The Moiroi, The Norns; Macbeth’s three witches – hags; especially a trio of hags, are a recurring theme in European folklore.

To that pantheon we can add Baba Yaga, She lives in the dark of the forest and has many strange affectations; one of which is her dwelling – a flying hut that stands or turns on chicken legs; perhaps even a single chicken leg. I’m not sure how she gets in and out. A ladder I suppose.

Regardless; for such a fearsome legend a mighty tribute is required – luckily Mussorgsky is here to provide us with one!

There are some good listening notes for Pictures at an Exhibition (the suite from which the Hut is taken) on the BBC Radio 3 website and of course we can’t mention Mussorgsky without having a quick listen to Night on a Bare Mountain. The man certainly had a good grip on drama…

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.


Emily Barker is an Australian singer-songwriter; The Red Clay Halo are a multi-instrumental trio. Together they are Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo, and their song Nostalgia, from the album “Despite The Snow” featured as the title track to the UK version of Wallander.

Wallander has a very distinctive ringtone – generally heard just before he is informed of yet another murder –  which I managed to track down a link to in this Pistonheads post.

Image courtesy of Emily Barker’s Website.