The Sky Is Crying

King of the Slide Guitar, Elmore James had his first hit with “Dust my Broom” in 1952, opening with his fantastic, legendary slide guitar riff that inspired a raft of guitarists to pick up a slide.

There’s a lot more to the guy than that riff though. From a couple of great favourites i’m going to have to pick “The Sky Is Crying”.

That said, I think there’s plenty more to choose from. I think i’ll save those for another day.

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Stromae (“Maestro” with reverse syllables) is a Belgian singer songwriter who first found success with “Alors On Danse“. Stromae, whose father was killed in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, released the album “Racine Carrée” in 2013 and one of the stand out tracks is Papaoutai. (“Father, where are you?”)

Formidable is also great – the video caused a bit of a furore when clips of an apparently drunk Stromae stumbling around a tram stop went viral…

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