Bright Phoebus

Only 1000 copies of “Bright Phoebus” were pressed; so “Folk Music’s Sergeant Pepper” is pretty hard to find, although there have been plenty of covers. Thankfully we’ve got the internet; and Youtube. The title track is my favourite. Phoebus is an epithet of the sun-god Apollo; from the Greek “Phoibos” meaning “bright, shining, radiant”.

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Comes A-Long A-Love

The fantastic Kay Starr is possibly best known for “Wheel Of Fortune“. However one of my favourites is “Comes A-Long A-Love”; a song notable for being the UK’s third ever number one single in January 1953.

The song was written by Al Sherman; and turned out to be his last hit, although rumour has it his sons continued his trade and also did quite well. Another goldmine of a back story that we can dig into later.

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